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Seeking the Ultimate Gaming Experience: Should you use a Mobile, Laptop or Desktop?

by Jason Smith
Mobile, Laptop or Desktop?

Mobile, Laptop or Desktop?

Thanks to the level of innovation behind products such as the Nvidia Shield Tablet and the iPhone 6, cross-platform gaming has now emerged as a viable option. This suggests that mobile gaming is the way of the future, especially when you consider how innovative services such as GRID and GameStream will enable players to share and download titles across a huge network. Despite this, laptops and desktops can still deliver an excellent gaming experience, depending on your favourite titles and your individual preferences.

With this in mind, let’s consider the following factors and determine which platform is ideal to meet specific criteria: 

Power and Processing

While there may come a time when mobile processors become omnipotent, at present they are unable to match the power of desktop computers. The same principle applies to laptops, which are liable to overheat and underperform if they are used constantly or their memory is overloaded. This is good news for desktop PC’s in the current market, as they offer considerably superior processing power and are therefore able to comfortably host even complex and graphically advanced titles. So even though desktop gaming may become decreasingly popular in the years to come, it will never become obsolete thanks among a core group of hard core players.

Cost and Purpose

In some respects, laptops should provide the ideal compromise between portability and power for gamers. The truth is a little more disappointing, however, as laptops arguably fall slightly short on both counts. Despite this, they are decidedly more portable than desktop computers, while laptops also boast a wide range of features that distinguish them as being far more multifunctional. Laptops have also become decidedly cheaper with the emergence of the tablet market, so they are ideal for casual gamers who enjoy accessing sites such as top10ukonlinecasinos.co.uk in their spare time.

Flexibility and Choice 

When it comes to gamer choice and flexibility, mobile is the platform of choice. From innovative title sharing services such as GameStream and GRID (which have been compared to Netflix and are available through the innovative Nvidia Shield tablet) to devices such as Chromecast which seamless connect alternative media platforms, mobile players have access to an ever-widening selection of games and experiences. With graphics and sound quality also having improved beyond all recognition during the last eighteen months, there is no doubt that mobile gaming represents the way forward in 2015.

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