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Microsoft Lumia and the #MakeItHappen Campaign: Making Dreams Come True for the New Year

by Dave Elliott

While the story of the modern world is often narrated through tales of hardship and despair, it is worth noting that humanity remains an Omni-present feature of everyday life. This is something that the Microsoft Lumia brand is keen to reinforce, with the result that it has launched its highly touching and innovative #MakeItHappen campaign. Driven by the needs of consumers and the emotive issues that impact on their lives, Microsoft Lumia has pledged to fulfil 31 resolutions in 31 days and bring a touch of festive joy to households around the world.

One of the most touching stories concerns 36 year-old Lani O’Brien, who despite being a U.S. citizen resides in Lancashire. Throughout her 13 years in the UK, however, she has never managed to make it home to see her family at Christmas. Given that her husband is also an expat living and working in New Zealand, the family are forced to interact through Skype during the festive season and throughout the year to remain in close contact. With this in mind, Microsoft Lumia decided to fly Lani and her first born daughter back to the U.S. so that the family could enjoy a proper festive celebration and see in 2015 in style.

The family had been unable to afford this, so Lani decided to submit her application and Microsoft Lumia managed to #MakeItHappen. To see more of how the campaign unfolded, check out the video below.



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