Home TV News Castle returns to Alibi on Wednesday 20th May at 9pm!

Castle returns to Alibi on Wednesday 20th May at 9pm!

by Dave Elliott

Castle, the hit US crime drama returns exclusively to Alibi for a seventh season, albeit a little later than usual this year, with it airing on Wednesday 20th May at 9pm.

Crime writer, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) has been helping the NYPD with some of their more intriguing murder cases alongside Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). Solving case after case, Beckett and Castle have become unlikely partners with a successful track record and the romantic tension between the pair has built into a relationship.

Season six came to a dramatic conclusion when Castle, en route to his wedding to Beckett, was run off the road by an unknown assailant leaving his car a fiery wreck.

Did Castle survive? Who caused the car crash? Season seven, exclusive to Alibi, picks up right where we left off. Will Castle and Beckett ever be able to say their vows or has death do us part come too soon for the crime solving lovers?

Nathan has also been keeping himself busy on a side project with fellow Firefly alumi Alun Tyduk. Their web series CON-MAN, about 2 stars of a cancelled scifi show… one of which becomes a huge star, and one who’s touring the convention circuit… has just smashed through the 2 million dollar funding mark on Indiegogo.

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