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Review: Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular – Birmingham

by Dave Elliott
Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular



Over the next week the cities of London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle & Glasgow will be invaded by Daleks, Cybermen, and the (slightly less scary) BBC National Orchestra of Wales & Chorus of Wales, as Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Tour hits the UK. Celebrating the music of Who’s composer for the last 10 years, Mr. Murray Gold, the show is a musical trip through the last decade of the timelord, from Eccleston to Capaldi, and hosted by Doctor No 5. Peter Davidson.

Davidson, not in traditional cricket outfit (although the jacket does make an appearance), is an entertaining host, with various quips about needing to do a good job or he’ll be replace by Colin Baker, and how odd it is to have 10th Doctor David Tennant calls him ‘Dad’ (Tennant married Davidson’s daughter Georgia Moffett).

The show opens with a sequence of current Doctor Peter Capaldi on screen pulling various levers and turning dials in the TARDIS, whilst the orchestra, conducted by Who’s resident orchestrator Ben Foster, launch into the first of Murray’s themes, ‘A Good Man?’ The BBC National Orchestra of Wales are completely faultless in their performance, and the music and visuals draw you into the world of Who, immersing you in all things timelord.

Helping with that immersion, are the large array of monsters the Spectacular brings with it! From newer monsters like The Teller (5th eps, season 8), to the creepy Foretold (Mummy on the Orient Express) and The Silence, to classics like Cybermen, and of course, Daleks. The later of which take over the show, and wander (or rather roll) amongst the audience barking orders like only Daleks can!

A particular highlight for me arrived in act two with the epic and emotive Pandorica Suite which got an amazing reaction from the Birmingham fans.

Whether your a fan of the music, or just a fan of the tv show, there’s really something for people of all ages here. Along with being a great night out, it will remind you of how awesome the rebooted series has been, and have you reaching for your box sets or Netflix subscription to start watching the whole run again!

You can find more info on there show here.

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