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Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer (and air date)

by Dave Elliott

“What took you so long old man?”… And with that one line, the theories start…

We knew it was coming in Sept, but now we know when Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman return to our TVs – Doctor Who Season 9 will arrive on the 19th September 2015.

The trailer contains lots of good stuff. More monsters. The return of Missy. But the moment that’s really got the internet a buzzin’, is the first words from Maisie Williams’s – as yet unknown – character.

Popular theory at the moment is it could be the Doctor’s daughter, which is a character we haven’t seen before (I don’t think anyway). We know he has a granddaughter (Susan), so it could be a regenerated version of her maybe? Or maybe a regenerated version of the character Jenny from ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ episode (previously played by Georgia Moffett).

All will be revealed when Doctor Who returns on the 19th September!

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