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8 Great Free Apps on Android and iOS

by Jason Smith
8 Great Free Apps on Android and iOS

8 Great Free Apps on Android and iOS

Trying to identify the best games to play through your mobile is often akin to searching for a needle in a giant haystack, especially since the proliferation of the Google Play Store has begun to rival Apple and is now home to an incredible 1.55 million apps alone.

We have attempted to make this process easier, however, by listing our top eight games across both platforms. With this in mind, here are our selections of the best, free-to-access games on Android and iOS:

Online. Poker, Android

Let’s face facts, online poker is a big deal and one that attracts millions of players on an annual basis. There are those who treat this a profession rather than a hobby, and therefore take industry events and trends very seriously indeed. This is where this application stands out, as it offers users access to the latest in breaking  poker news and trends from around the world.

Threes, iOS and Android

This app is available on both Android and iOS, while Threes is also ideal for anyone looking to kill time during their daily commute. With a simple premise of adding up numbered cards to create even bigger digits, the game is uniquely engaging and may ultimately turn you into an obsessive player!

Online. Slots for Android

The mobile app market has revolutionised slot gaming across the globe, creating a plethora of traditional and themed online slots for the modern age. This app is home to a huge number of online slot iterations, making it ideal for fans and anyone who wants to pass the time through a fun, easy and interactive game.

Alto’s Adventure for iOS

While we may consider snowboarding as something of an extreme sport, Alto’s Adventure offers a fun, unique and entirely different perspective. Alongside steep hills, vast jumps and death-defying flips, the game also introduces  serene countryside and creates an unusual balance that can keep gamers’ occupied for hours.

Online Roulette for Android

Online roulette represents another bankable game in 2016, and this application is arguably the best of its kind on the market. With a range of games, realistically paced croupier interaction and several fun and unique iterations, it is an app that combines high quality graphics and audio to create a wonderful playing experience.

Neko Astume for iOS and Android

The most unique game on our list (which explains its inclusion), Neko Astume eschews the competitive elements of gaming such as beating bad guys, experiencing thrills or chasing down a high score. Instead players are required to collect as many cats as they can, using toys, food and other bonus goodies to achieve your aim. While this is not for everyone, it already has a cult following of fans around the world.

888 Poker for Android

The 888 poker website is renowned for its range and excellence, so it makes perfect sense that they should bring out a sister app for gamers. This offers the typical, high-end 888 Poker experience too, offering a challenging variation of five-card drawn while delivering the most immersive video poker experience imaginable.

Lara Croft Go for iOS and Android

Just as with Hitman: Agent 47, Lara Croft Go takes the essence of a blockbusting action game and reinvents it for the mobile age. This creates the ideal meld for players both old and new, as they can enjoy a typically high octane and thrilling Lara Croft adventure while also benefiting from optimised graphics, improved narratives and tremendous character interaction. Truly a game for all ages.

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