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Orphan Black Moves To Netflix for Season 4

by Dave Elliott

Good news for some UK fans of Orphan Black. Not so great news for others. Netflix will be airing season 4 of Orphan Black just 1 day after it’s US air date from Friday the 15th of April. So if you’re a signed up member of Netflix and the Clone Club, you’ll probably be over the moon! If you’ve been watching on BBC Three and don’t have Netflix, you’re probably not quite so happy…

If you haven’t been watching Orphan Black, you’re missing one of the greatest performances by an actor in a TV show for years.

The series follows Sarah Manning, an English con-artist who witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. Stealing the woman’s identity, Sarah becomes Beth Childs, a London police detective, and discovers Beth was not the only doppelgänger out there, as it leads her down an ever deepening rabbit hole…

The superb Tatiana Maslany takes on multiple roles as various ‘clones’, switching between accents, dramatic styles, even sexes, and playing against herself in many scenes, in a tour-de-force performance unlike anything else on screen. It really is something to behold. The fact she hasn’t picked up an Emmy or Golden Globe for this show yet is just criminal.

Orphan Black, Season 4 arrives on Netflix – Friday the 15th of April, one day after the US.

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