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First Trailer For HBO’s Westworld!

by Dave Elliott

Last night HBO dropped the first full trailer for their new adaptation of Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie Westworld.

Created by Jonathan Nolan (Person of Interest, Memento, The Dark Knight) and Lisa Joy (Burn Notice, Pushing Daisies), and exec produced by Nolan and JJ Abrams, the show is described as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin”.

Set in the futuristic American western theme park of Westworld, it presents a place where hedonistic desires run rampant, due to it being populated by androids so lifelike, they are barely indistinguishable from humans. Problems start to arise as it seems a number of the androids are becoming self-aware.

The show touts an impressive cast, including Sir Anthony Hopkins (Silence Of The Lambs, Amistad, Dracula) as the park’s brilliant creative director, Ed Harris (Gravity, Apollo 13), Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood, Mildred Pierce), James Marsden (Enchanted, X-Men), Thandie Newton (Mission: Impossible II, Crash), Jeffrey Wright (The Hunger Games, Boardwalk Empire), with Ben Barnes as veteran guest Logan, and Jimmi Simpson as is friend and first time visitor to the park, William.

Airing on HBO in October in the US, and it seems extremely likely that Sky Atlantic will set the UK tv premiere date to be very close to the US.

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