Evelyn Sharp Returns To Arrow As Artemis

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21 Jun 16
Evelyn Sharp Returns To Arrow As Artemis

Evelyn Sharp Returns To Arrow As Artemis

Because having 4 archers (Arrow, Speedy, Arsenal, Merlyn) already on the show isn’t enough, the writers have decided to bring on a 5th in the form of Evelyn Sharp.

We last saw Ms Sharp, played by Madison McLaughlin, masquerading as Black Canary in the episode ‘Canary Cry’, when Evelyn was out for revenge on the Darhks after they murdered her parents.

This will see her return to Star City as Artemis, a new hero based on the comic book’s Earth-16 character, who also appeared in the Young Justice cartoon. In the comics, she is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Huntress, taking over as Arrow’s sidekick for a while, after Roy moved on to become Arsenal (he was originally called Speedy in the books). She was also girlfriend to Wally West for a while, so it’ll be interesting to see if that relationship comes up when they do the cross over episodes next season.

Whilst we’re not entirely convinced we need another archer on the show, when there are so many other more interesting characters to add out there, Madison McLaughlin did a good job, and it will be nice to see her back on screen.

Evelyn Sharp will return in episode 2 of season 5, with an arc that will run over multiple episodes.