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SWCE 2016: EA Star Wars Panel – Battlefront DLC, SWTOR Expansion, & A Mystery New Game

by Dave Elliott

The EA Star Wars panel at SWCE 2016 had a number of things to get gamers excited, no matter what sort of gaming you’re into. The panel consisted of Battlefront’s Design Director Niklas “Figge” Fegraeus, Galaxy of Heroes EP John Salera, SWTOR creative director James Ohlen, and Uncharted 4’s game writer/director Amy Hennig, who’s working on a new Star Wars title…

Battlefront Is Going To The Death Star & Rogue One Planet Scarif

One of the things that disappointed us when they released Battlefront was the lack of battles set in space. That’s all going to change with the arrival of their Death Star DLC, which they trailered at SWCE today. It looks completely awesome, and there was a huge cheer from the crowd when it appeared to show the ability to do battle within the Death Star’s trenches! The pack will also add Chewbacca and Bossk as playable characters, and add an offline ‘Skirmish’ mode, letting you play the maps against bots. The Death Star DLC will be arriving in the Autumn.

Additionally, they announced the Rogue One: Scarif DLC, which will allow you to play Jyn Erso and Director Krennic, the main hero and villain of the new film. Presumably this will arrive to coincide with the movie release.

Finally for Battlefront, they announced they’re working on an X-Wing VR Mission DLC.

SWTOR’s Next Expansion Is Called Knights of the Eternal Throne


We really don’t know anything more about this other than the name. Naturally it will follow on from Knights of the Fallen Empire, Chapter 1 of which is now available for free!

Galaxy of Heroes Is Getting A New Raid

Galaxy of Heroes EP John Salera announced a new raid called Tank Takedown, where your heroes will be battling a AAT tank! When questioned about the Rogue One characters joining the line up, he said he couldn’t go into detail but remarked “I’m very much looking forward to getting those characters into the game”.

A New Star Wars Game From The Writer Of Uncharted 4

Although we didn’t get any real detail from Amy Hennig, but just the thought of her having any involvement in a Star Wars property had the room buzzing. She described her approach to the ‘as yet untitled’ game as being very similar to her approach to the Uncharted franchise.

Hennig goes on to say “The goal is to make players feel like they played a Star Wars film,” she commented. “That means getting the structure right. Getting the tone right.”

Unfortunately we have to wait till 2018 for this one, but something tells me it will be well worth it!

You can watch the entire panel by just clicking on the video at the top of the page.

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