The Crystal Maze Returns (for a one off special) With Stephen Merchant As Host

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01 Sep 16
The Crystal Maze Returns (For a one off special) With Stephen Merchant As Host

The Crystal Maze Returns (For a one off special) With Stephen Merchant As Host

Ahh nostalgia… It’s not what it used to be. That hasn’t stopped Channel 4 from reviving classic 90’s show The Crystal Maze! At the moment, this is planned as a one-off celebrity version, as part of their Stand Up to Cancer charity special. However, if it goes well, reports say their is the possibly doing a full series.

The Crystal Maze was a game show, where a group of contestants entered four themed ‘zones’, each with a puzzle they had to solve to win a crystal. The team captain selected a player from their team, and the type of challenge they would perform – mental, physical, skill based, or a mystery. Failing the challenge,or taking too long, meant the player was locked in that game room for the rest of the show, and unable to compete in any more challenges.

Each crystal gave the players 5 seconds inside the central Crystal Dome. This was an enclosed space with large fans in the floor, that blew gold and sliver ‘bank notes’ up into the air. The more notes the player inside could grab out of the air, the more money the team won.

The original show ran for 6 seasons, with the first 4 hosted by Rocky Horror’s Richard O’Brien, and the last 2 by Ed Tudor-Pole. Early reports suggest the new special would see Doctor Who actor David Tennant who take over the role, however that is not the case… And much as I’d also love to see Richard O’Brien back, he is in his 70’s at this point, so running around a giant set may not be the best idea! They have, however, found a great replacement in the form of Stephen Merchant.

“As a huge fan of the original series, I’m honoured to support Stand Up To Cancer by hosting this one-off edition of The Crystal Maze.” commented Merchant. “Richard O’Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole leave big shoes to fill, but I have size 14 feet, so I’ll do my best.”

Last year an interactive experience of The Crystal Maze opened in London after being crowd funded via Indiegogo, and Channel 4 plan to use this version as a set for the special, rather than go to the expense of building their own for a one-off.

Stand Up To Cancer airs Friday 21st October on Channel 4.