Billy Connolly High Horse Tour Live DVD/Blu-ray Review

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13 Nov 16
Billy Connolly High Horse Live DVD/Blu-ray Review

Billy Connolly High Horse Live DVD/Blu-ray Review

When it was announced back in 2013 that Billy Connolly had been diagnosed with both Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer, I did wonder if we’d ever see him back on stage again. Thankfully the prostate cancer is now gone, and he seems to be managing with the Parkinson’s, so he took back to the stage for his ‘High Horse Tour‘.

Whilst ‘The Big Yin’ might not be moving around as much as we’ve seen in the past, it’s clear his wit is still as sharp as ever. His stories still diverge off onto wild tangents, as they always have, but still find their way back. The language is still that of a lad that grew up on the Glasgow shipyards. He might be a bit less animated, but it is still undeniably the genius that is Billy Connolly.

From the moment he walks on stage at London Apollo to a roaring crowd, to which he states “You’re only doing that cause I’m not well!”, it’s Billy on top form. From relating tales about his Cousin John – “You would have loved him… He’s dead now… You wouldn’t like him now, but you would have loved him then.” – To stories about lost love, and reminiscing about his various travels. It’s possibly a more reflective show than some of his other work, but as a man in his 70s, and someone that’s spent the last few years tackling various illnesses, it’s not unsurprising, and makes it no less funny. It’s just a much deeper well from which to draw the gags.

There’s stories of the slightly dubious advice from Lord Of The Rings actor Ian Holm, who is also dealing with Parkinson’s, about what to do with your hands. There’s a brilliant tale from visiting the guys filming Rob Roy involving a cat. And stories from his early performing days, when someone actually died in the audience. All the way through, it’s enthralling, charming, and hilariously funny.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a comedy fan, this is the thing to buy. Still genius. Still makes you laugh until you can barely breath. Still, unquestionably, Billy Connolly.

You can buy the ‘Billy Connolly: High Horse Tour Live’ on DVD & Blu-ray from the 14th November 2016

‘Billy Connolly: High Horse Tour Live’ is also available on digital download right now!