Quentin Tarantino Could Be Directing A ‘Star Trek’ Movie… Yes, You Did Read That Correctly!

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08 Dec 17
Quentin Tarantino Could Be Directing A 'Star Trek' Movie... Yes, You Did Read That Correctly!

Quentin Tarantino Could Be Directing A ‘Star Trek’ Movie… Yes, You Did Read That Correctly!

So apparently, Quentin Tarantino has his sights set on ‘Star Trek’ as being his latest directorial project! And this isn’t like that time when he wanted to do ‘James Bond’ with Pierce Brosnan, and the producers gave a hard “no”. This could actually happen!

According to reports, Tarantino pitched the idea to JJ Abrams and Paramount, who really seemed to love the idea. So much so, they’ve got together an eclectic bunch of writers including Mark L. Smith (‘The Revenant’), Lindsey Beer (‘Dungeons & Dragons’, ‘Chaos Walking’), Drew Pearce (‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’) and Megan Amram (‘The Good Place’, ‘Parks and Recreation’) with a view to one of them landing the gig of writing the script. Smith is believed to be the frontrunner at the moment.

As you can imagine, with Tarantino behind the camera, and (potentially) the writer of ‘The Revenant’ on scripting duties, there is one demand from the ‘Pulp Fiction’ director – the film has to be ‘R’ rated. In what we’d refer to as the ‘Deadpool’ effect, Abrams and Paramount have apparently agreed. Ever since Fox proved that superhero movies didn’t need to be “PG-13” with the “merc with a mouth”, Hollywood has been less scared of letting directors push the boundaries of their ratings. Although, I’m not sure what Trek’s Gene Roddenberry would think about the idea of a sweary, blood and guts version of his creation.

Whilst a Tarantino directed movie would inevitably have an effect on the crew of the Enterprise – I’m looking forward to some very interesting pop-cultural conversions on the bridge between Spock and Kirk – the R-rating could do wonders for the villain of the film. The latest Trek outings have been fun, but none of the antagonists have been quite as evil as we’ve come to expect in modern filmmaking. An R-rating could completely unshackle them, giving the movie a very interesting edge over the previous 3 iterations. I wonder what Christoph Waltz’s schedule looks like at the moment?…

The Tarantino ‘Star Trek’ movie is in no way a done deal yet, but it is moving forward, so we’ll bring you more news as we get it.