‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ 4th Season Will Be It’s Last According To Rachel Bloom

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03 Apr 18
'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' 4th Season Will Be It's Last According To Star Rachel Bloom

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ 4th Season Will Be It’s Last According To Star Rachel Bloom

Yesterday we got the news that US network The CW had renewed 10 of its shows, one of which was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which gets a 4th season. However, according to the comedy-drama’s lead actress and co-creator Rachel Bloom, it will also be it’s last.

The series stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, an upwardly mobile Yale and Harvard educated lawyer, whose career is really going places… That is until she bumps into old flame Josh, her first love who she never really got over. Realising her life isn’t how she really wants it to be, she chucks in her job, and decides to follow Josh back to West Covina, California in the hope that she just may bump into him again!

Bloom tweeted out the following message following the renewal announcement yesterday:

Whilst this isn’t an official announcement by The CW, given it’s come from the person playing the titular ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and the co-creator of the show, it seems likely to be true. In an interview with THR recently Bloom commented “We’re a show about a very specific journey in a person’s life. And it’s not really a sitcom meant to spit out copies of itself. Very early on, we called it a 50-hour movie. I think we’re beyond that now. There’s always going to be plot movement, so there’s only so far I think you can go with that. It could be 5, but I think around 4 would be ideal for us creatively.”

I’m sure there will be many people sad to see the show go, however, it’s much better for them to end it how the creators want to end it, rather than a series dragging on and outstaying it’s welcome.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘ airs on Netflix in the UK.