MCM Comic-Con: The Walking Dead’s King Ezekiel & Jerry – Khary Payton & Cooper Andrews Interview

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30 Jul 18

Whilst at MCM Manchester Comic-Con, we got to catch up, once again, with the wonderfully entertaining duo of Khary Payton & Cooper Andrews – aka The Walking Dead’s King Ezekiel & Jerry.

Khary Payton plays King Ezekiel on the zombie drama, leader of The Kingdom, and (until recently), owner of a pet tiger called Shiva. Along with that, he’s also well known for his voice work which includes a mass of video game characters, from Azrael in the Batman ‘Arkham’ games to Blade in ‘Marvel Heroes’, and characters in ‘Call of Duty’. However, the characters he’s best known for on the animation front are ‘Teen Titans’ hero Cyborg and Aqualad in ‘Young Justice’.

Cooper Andrews stars as ‘Walking Dead’ fan favourite and sidekick to Ezekiel, the eternally happy, axe-wielding, Jerry. His other work has seen him appear as Yo-Yo in ‘Halt and Catch Fire’, and he’s soon to pop up in the new DC movie ‘Shazam!’

In the video, you’ll hear Khary’s reaction to being asked about the death of Shiva, and he feels about the upcoming film ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’… or rather, you’ll hear Cooper say what Khary feels about the film… Khary discusses being star struck by Mark Hamill, and his initial apprehension about the changes coming up on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9. Cooper also talks ‘Walking Dead’, and discusses working with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on the movie ‘Den of Thieves’.

The Walking Dead‘ Season 9 comes to Fox UK on Monday, 8th October 2018 at 9pm.