MCM Comic-Con: Benedict Wong Talks ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Infinity War’, & ‘Deadly Class’ On The Main Stage

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30 Jul 18
MCM Comic-Con: Benedict Wong Talks 'Doctor Strange', 'Infinity War', & 'Deadly Class' On The Main Stage

MCM Comic-Con: Benedict Wong Talks ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Infinity War’, & ‘Deadly Class’ On The Main Stage

Whilst up at MCM Manchester Comic-Con this weekend we had the chance to catch ‘Doctor Strange’ star Benedict Wong chat and answer fan questions during his panel on the Main Stage. The visit was literally something of a homecoming for the tv and film actor, as he comes from the city, and was on great form!

Rather than post one video, due to… shall we say, a “user induced technical error”… I missed recording the first bit of the panel where he talked about getting into acting and growing up in Manchester. However, I did manage to catch him talking about ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Avengers Infinity War’, his upcoming show with the Russo Brother, ‘Deadly Class’, and the Q & A session.

The first video sees Benedict chatting about his work on ‘Infinity War’. Benedict plays Wong, Master of the Mystic Arts, tasked with protecting some of Kamar-Taj’s most valuable relics and books. In the comics, the character is depicted as Strange’s “tea-making manservant”, and in the interview, they discuss how that needed to change for the film. They also talk about the problems with keeping secrets to avoid the wrath of Marvel!

The second video sees Benedict chatting about his upcoming Syfy tv series Deadly Class.

‘Deadly Class’ is a coming-of-age drama set in a high school… except this is no educational establishment. This is Kings Dominion School for the Deadly Arts, the most brutal high school on earth, where the world’s top crime families send the next generation of assassins to be trained. The story is set against the backdrop of late 80’s counter culture, and centres around Marcus Lopez (Benjamin Wadsworth – ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘Dad vs. Lad’), a young boy whose grades suck and is failing ‘Dismemberment 101’. The jocks – who happen to be the children of Joseph Stalin’s top assassin – are hassling his friends, and the girl he’s crushing on has a double-digit body count… At this school, murder is an art, killing is a craft, and the dagger in your back isn’t always metaphorical. Benedict plays headmaster of the School for the Deadly Arts, Master Lin.

The series is based on Rick Remender & Wes Craig’s comic book and being shepherded by ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ directors, the Russo Brothers. You can find the ‘Deadly Class’ trailer here.

The final video covers the entire Q & A part of the panel which allowed fans in the audience to ask Benedict questions about acting, the movies and the tv shows he has starred in. Worth watching for him doing ‘Doctor Strange’s’ Wong in a Salford accent, which was hilarious.