Sky One Releases Trailer For 3rd & Final Season Of ‘Jamestown’, Along With April Premiere Date

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12 Mar 19

Sky One has releases a new trailer for the 3rd Season of Jamestown, but also announced it will be the last.

The 3rd Season is again written by Bill Gallagher (‘Lark Rise to Candleford’), and continues to chart the early days of the first British settlers in America and the birth of the nation. With trade booming and the tobacco farms established, the settlers’ pioneering aspiration soon clashes with reality as they begin to strive for more than new lives – now they crave control and power.

Tensions rise as the flourishing community seeks expansion onto Pamunkey land, and with politics rife in the air, the idealism of the New World is tested. As Yeardley’s thirst for power and wealth grows, there are far reaching consequences. And how far will Native American chief Opechancanough go to protect his land?

The final season sees the return of Max Beesley (Henry), Sophie Rundle (Alice), Naomi Battrick (Jocelyn), Jason Flemyng (Yeardley) and Niamh Walsh (Verity), alongside new cast member Ben Batt (Willmus Crabtree).

“Jamestown is a very special Sky original drama of which we’ve had the privilege of sharing with our customers over the past two years,” comments Cameron Roach, Director of Drama for Sky. “The third series marks the final chapter of an incredible story, which offers huge emotion as well as thrilling adventure, and we can’t wait for it to be shared with our audience. We would like to say a huge thank you to Bill Gallagher for such a compelling story, inspired by a remarkable piece of history, and to the team at Carnival, and the exceptional cast that have brought it to life.”

‘Jamestown’ is one of Sky One’s top returning commissioned dramas, with each episode of the 2nd Season drawing in an average cumulative audience of 1.1 million, so it would appear the decision to end the show is more a creative one than to do with ratings.

The final 8 episodes of ‘Jamestown‘ Season 3 premiere Friday, 26th April 2019 at 9pm exclusively on Sky One and NOW TV in the UK and Ireland.