Hawkeye Is The Latest Marvel Hero To Get His Own Show On Disney+

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11 Apr 19
Hawkeye Is The Latest Marvel Hero To Get His Own Show On Disney+

Hawkeye Is The Latest Marvel Hero To Get His Own Show On Disney+

Jeremy Renner’s ‘Hawkeye’ will pick up his bow once again, regardless of the outcome of ‘Avengers: End Game’, as it’s being reported Disney+ have given the Marvel archer his own tv show.

This will be the 4th potential Marvel limited series to land on the new Disney+ streaming service. The company previously announced Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Loki’ will be the subject of one series with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany also getting a ‘Vision and Scarlet Witch’ series. There is also talk of a ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ which would see Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprise their roles.

Variety, who first broke the news, claims that the series will see Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) train and hand over the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop. For those of you not up on your Marvel comics, Bishop is the person who takes over the role in the comic books and is a member of the Young Avengers team.

In the comic books, Barton is dead at the point when Bishop picks up the mantle. Like most comic book characters, he does eventually return to life, but Bishop continues using the Hawkeye name alongside Barton, with him training her to improve her skills. That student/mentor relationship doesn’t last, and they eventually decide to stay out of each other’s way.

This does beg the question as to whether this means Hawkeye survives the events of ‘End Game’? Not necessarily… It’s possible this could be set before the movie. We know from the ‘End Game’ trailer that Barton appears to be in his Ronin costume, which is another superhero moniker he takes in the comic books. It could be that he trained Bishop prior to switching over to becoming Ronin, and the tv show fills in that gap in MCU history. That would certainly make it less confusing than having two Hawkeyes running around the MCU… Assuming Barton makes it out of ‘End Game’ alive. If it is set post-‘End Game’, that would mean Barton is alive, but has maybe decided to retire due to the events of the film, and wants to pass on the name on to a new generation. To be fair, he has been trying to retire since ‘Age Of Ultron’, so that wouldn’t be hugely out of character.

In addition to all the Marvel stuff, we know Disney+ will feature a High School Musical series, a ‘Monsters Inc.’ animated series, and a female-led ‘High Fidelity’ series starring Zoë Kravitz. There is also Jon Favreau’s ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian‘, a ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ series with Diego Luna reprising the role of Andor, and a new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

What we don’t yet know is when Disney+ will launch in the UK. At the moment the only information we have is that the new streaming service will launch in the US at some point in late 2019, then around the world after that… Hopefully, they won’t wait too long, but we’ll keep you posted!