Taika Waititi Returns To Direct ‘Thor 4’

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16 Jul 19

Taika Waititi Returns To Direct ‘Thor 4’

In news which probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise, Taika Waititi will helm ‘Thor 4’ it has been revealed today.

Waititi, who “proved himself worthy” behind the camera for ‘Thor: Ragnorok’ has signed on to write and direct the next instalment of Marvel’s Norse god movies. Chris Hemsworth is expected to also return as the titular Asgardian god of thunder. However, it seems likely we will be seeing Thor before then, given then final scenes of ‘Endgame’, which saw Thor exiting with Star-Lord, Drax, and Mantis. That led fans to expect the character to show up in James Gunn’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ (although his appearance is in no way confirmed at the moment.) The big question though is, has he lost that extra weight?

‘Thor: Ragnorok’ helped breath new life into the Thor franchise, grossing over $854 million (USD) worldwide. The film was released to a very positive critical response, mostly credited to Waititi’s direction for the movie. The director also appeared in the film, providing the motion capture performance and voice of Korg.

Whilst this is great news for Marvel fans, it does mean Waititi has shelved one of his other projects – the live-action version of classic anime ‘Akira’, which the studio Warner Bros has now apparently put on hold indefinitely, according to Variety who broke the news. It had been scheduled for a May 2021 release, but script problems had pushed that back, meaning it could clash with ‘Thor 4’. WB is hoping he may return to the project after he is finished with the Asgardian’s latest outing.

On top of those projects, Waititi next film ‘Jojo Rabbit’, a dark comedy about a German boy and his imaginary friend… Adolf Hitler… is due for release in October. He also is working on an animated film version of the classic ‘Flash Gordon’.

We don’t have any exact info yet on the Marvel schedule for “Phase 4”, but we do know it includes ‘Black Widow’, ‘The Eternals’, ‘Shang-Chi’, ‘Doctor Strange 2’, ‘Black Panther 2’, the aforementioned ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ and now ‘Thor 4’. We also know they have 8 possible dates in the diary, ranging from May 2020 to July 2022, but as yet we don’t know which films will land in which slots. We may find out more later this week at SDCC, so we’ll bring you any more news as we get it.