FOX Sets July UK Premiere Date For Season 2 Of Israeli Espionage Thriller ‘False Flag’

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17 Jul 19

FOX Sets July UK Premiere Date For Season 2 Of Israeli espionage thriller ‘False Flag’

The Israeli espionage thriller False Flag returns to FOX UK this July the broadcaster has announced.

A fierce explosion rocks the festive inauguration ceremony for the new oil pipeline between Israel and Turkey. The lives of three seemingly-normal families will never be the same. The family members find themselves in the eye of the storm, when their loved ones are surprisingly named as suspects in the pipeline bombing that killed several government officials, including the Turkish ambassador.

At the onset of the investigation, three names come up as suspects – Anat, Amir and Dikla. The three of them were present at the inauguration according to the event logs, and all three disappeared around the time of the blast. They were not found among the dead, the wounded or the survivors. Those closest to them, their family members, are pulled into a whirlpool of secrets and lies. Their routines are upended and their lives turn into rollercoasters. Soon enough, their initial surprise makes way for suspicion and mistrust. The familiar and the obvious are all cast in doubt, and there is no assurance that solving the mystery will put things back to the way they once were.

In episode 1 of the new season, the marine oil pipe connecting Israel and Turkey explodes during its inauguration ceremony. The immediate suspect is the Hezbollah organisation, which has threatened Israel under the claim that the pipe runs through territorial waters belonging to Lebanon. Eitan (Mickey Leon) – the investigator from Season 1, is called upon to supervise this extremely sensitive case. Pretty soon, three Israeli citizens come under suspicion – the three of them allegedly attended the ceremony but disappeared just before the explosion. Right away, three ordinary Israeli families, who know nothing about the deeds of their missing loved ones, find themselves in the eye of the storm. They can’t fathom what their loved ones have to do with the explosion or with Hezbollah. The three families are a Haredi Orthodox family from Ramat Eliyahu, a secular family from Rishon Lezion, and a young couple from the heart of Tel Aviv.

False Flag‘ Season 2 premieres Sunday, 28th July 2019 at 9pm on FOX UK.