‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Arrowverse Crossover Adds ‘Black Lightning’ Cast & The Legendary Kevin Conroy

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05 Aug 19

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Arrowverse Crossover Adds ‘Black Lightning’ Cast & The Legendary Kevin Conroy

The Arrowverse has added even more characters to this year’s crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, with the cast of ‘Black Lightning’ and THE voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, joining the event.

As you probably already know, the crossover gets its name from a major DC comic book event written in the 80s by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by George Pérez. The storyline had a massive impact on the entire DC Universe, as it collapses the multiverse, unifying all the Earths onto a single plane of existence. The crossover this year will span 5 episodes, and feature ‘Arrow’‘The Flash’‘Supergirl’‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, the new ‘Batwoman’ series, and for the first time, will see the ‘Black Lightning’ cast join in the fun.

Now… I know that there will be people out there in the UK who have Sky but not Netflix, so will be concerned about this, as ‘Black Lightning’ airs on the streaming service over here, and not on Sky. Don’t panic. Whilst the ‘Black Lightning’ characters are set to appear in the crossover, the show itself is not one of the crossover episodes, so (at least for this year) it won’t cause any issues.

In addition, they have also announced legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy will make a special guest appearance as Bruce Wayne from the future. Some of you may know the name, some may not, but if you’ve ever seen ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, ‘Batman Beyond’, played the Batman Arkham games, or watched the DC animated films such as ‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox’ or ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’, you know his voice. To many, he IS the voice of Batman. Now, for the first time, he will get to portray Bruce Wayne in live-action on-screen in the Arrowverse.

For those of you that still aren’t sure what Kevin Conroy sounds like, we had the chance to interview him last year at MCM London, so you can see that video below:

Conroy is just one of many guest appearances the Arrowverse has planned for the crossover event. As previously announced ‘Legends’ Ray Palmer/The Atom, Brandon Routh, who last donned the blue, red, and yellow spandex for the film ‘Superman Returns’, will once again play a Superman in the crossover. Additionally, “man of many Wells” Tom Cavanagh take on yet another role as Pariah, whose unorthodox experiments to view the creation of the universe result in the Anti-Monitor, and launch the Crisis event. Tyler Hoechlin & Elizabeth Tulloch are both set to return as Superman & Lois Lane, along with Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor, and LaMonica Garrett as the Monitor & Anti-Monitor. They have also confirmed original ‘Batman ’66’ Robin, Burt Ward, will be making an appearance. That may not be all either, as the producers have said they are still flipping through they contact books to try and rope in some more faces from previous DC tv shows.

This year, the crossover event will be split across the Christmas break in the US. You can see the timings for ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ on The CW below:

  • SUPERGIRL – The CW – Sunday, December 8, 2019 (8:00-9:00pm ET/PT)
  • BATWOMAN – The CW – Monday, December 9, 2019 (8:00-9:00pm ET/PT)
  • THE FLASH – The CW – Tuesday, December 10, 2019 (8:00-9:00pm ET/PT)
  • ARROW – The CW – Tuesday, January 14, 2020 (8:00-9:00pm ET/PT)
  • DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW – The CW – Tuesday, January 14, 2020 (9:00-10:00pm ET/PT)

It’s still too early for Sky One to announce broadcast dates for the Arrowverse shows, so we don’t know exactly when they will arrive in the UK. If it works as it has done in previous years, we are usually around a few days to one week behind by Christmas, so we should also get them in December. The post-Christmas episodes are a bit more of an issue, as Sky don’t usually bring the shows back until late February due to the number of breaks in the US schedule. We’ll have to just wait and see how they handle it. They also haven’t yet officially confirmed a pick up for ‘Batwoman’, but we are assuming they are doing everything possible to secure the new series for the channel.

Oh… and if all that wasn’t enough, the producers are teasing they have plans for a new Arrowverse show in 2020… Although they are keeping very tight-lipped on details at the moment.  We’ll let you know when we have something confirmed.