Amazon Is Developing A Series Based On Sci-fi Horror Movie ‘Event Horizon’

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14 Aug 19

Amazon Is Developing A Series Based On Sci-fi Horror Movie ‘Event Horizon’

Amazon has added another big sci-fi license to its roster of potential upcoming shows, as it is revealed the streaming service is developing a series based on cult classic sci-fi/horror movie ‘Event Horizon’.

The original 1997 movie, directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and written by Philip Eisner, followed the story of a rescue mission to the titular spaceship, Event Horizon, when reappears in orbit around Neptune after being missing for 7 years. The ship disappeared during its maiden voyage whilst testing an experimental gravity drive, which generates an artificial black hole to bridge two points in spacetime. The crew, led by Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne), are accompanied by the drive’s designer, Dr. Billy Weir (Sam Neill), in a hope to get some answers to its mysterious return. Whilst it seems the ship may have managed to open the black hole, it also acquired a not-so-friendly entity who has possessed the vessel and is not happy about being disturbed.

The potential series comes from Adam Wingard, who has recently directed the upcoming movie ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’, and previously directed the ‘Blair Witch’ reboot, ‘You’re Next’, and the live-action version of ‘Death Note’, so is no stranger to horror or sci-fi. Wingard and Jeremy Platt (‘Hap and Leonard’, ‘The Void’) would exec produce the series alongside Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin who produced the original movie.

‘Event Horizon’ might not be an obvious pick for Amazon to tackle as a series, but it would be in good company should the streaming service decide to move forward. Along with the much-touted ‘Lord Of The Rings’ series, ‘The Boys’ appears to have been a huge hit for them, and they have fantasy series ‘Carnival Row’ arriving later this August, with fellow sci-fi drama ‘The Expanse’ returning for a 4th Season in December, and a 5th Season already ordered.

Other future confirmed series include an adaptation of high fantasy novels ‘The Wheel of Time‘ starring Rosamund Pike, a remake of Channel 4’s ‘Utopia‘, and an adaption of Naomi Alderman’s ‘The Power’. They have also recently announced a new adaptation of the ‘Jack Reacher’ novels, an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s ‘Paper Girls’ graphic novel, and paranormal horror-comedy series ‘Truth Seekers’ from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Additional projects still “in development” at Amazon include a ‘Conan the Barbarian’ series, a show based on Iain M. Banks ‘Culture’ novels, and a series based on William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral from ‘Westworld’ creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

The ‘Event Horizon’ series is still only a potential show at the moment, but we’ll let you know should Amazon officially decide to move forward.