Amazon Renews ‘The Expanse’ For Season 5

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27 Jul 19
Amazon Renews 'The Expanse' For Season 5

Amazon Renews ‘The Expanse’ For Season 5

Amazon Prime Video has renewed The Expanse for a 5th Season, the streaming service has announced today!

Based on novels by James S. A. Corey, ‘The Expanse’ is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning political science fiction series set hundreds of years in the future. Humans have colonised the solar system with The United Nations controlling Earth and an independent military power inhabiting Mars. Desperate for air and water, the series begins with Earth and Mars on the verge of war over the resources found in the Asteroid Belt. With few options for survival, allies struggle to fight over the future of humanity.

Season 4, which premieres in December, sees a whole new world (or rather worlds) of opportunities open for the universe, but that brings with it a new set of dangers. With the Ring Gates now open to thousands of new planets, a blood-soaked gold rush begins, igniting new conflicts between Earth, Mars, and the Belt. Meanwhile, on one unexplored planet, the Rocinante crew gets caught in a violent clash between an Earth mining corporation and desperate Belter settlers as deadly new threats from the protomolecule emerge.

The series stars Steven Strait (‘The Covenant’), Dominique Tipper (‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’), Wes Chatam (‘The Hunger Games’), and Cas Anvar (‘Punisher: War Zone’). In addition to the returning cast, Season 4 with introduce Lyndie Greenwood (‘Sleepy Hollow’) as Dr. Elvi Okoye, Rosa Gilmore (‘The Other Two’) as Belter refugee Lucia Mazur, Keon Alexander (‘Tyrant’) as a charismatic Belter faction leader, and Jess Salgueiro (‘Saving Hope’) as a corporate security officer.

The Expanse‘ Season 4 premieres on Amazon Prime worldwide, Friday, 13th December 2019.