Why A Discovery of Witches Doesn’t Need Magic to Live Forever

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14 Jan 20

Why A Discovery of Witches Doesn’t Need Magic to Live Forever

The witching hour will be upon us again thanks to the executives at Sky. Picking up where we left Diana Bishop in season one, the next instalment of A Discovery of Witches is set to return in 2020. With an average of two million viewers watching the first season, fans can expect more thrills and spills next time around. Indeed, with Sarah Dollard (Doctor Who and Being Human) and Susie Conklin (The Musketeers and Cranford) writing the script, the drama on display should be palpable.

The first season of A Discovery of Witches saw Bishop fall reluctantly into the world of supernatural goings-on. After stumbling upon Ashmole 782 in the Bodleian Library, she’s forced to confront her powers. Despite trying to suppress them, Bishop relents and instantly becomes a target. By refusing to choose sides when the vampires come calling, she keeps hold of the book, and that’s when the problems really begin. For those that tuned in, the “adultification” of witches, vampires and werewolves was a nice change.

A New Look for Witches

Over the last decade, the supernatural genre has been dominated by the young adult market. With everything from Twilight to the reboot of the Charmed series catering to teens and those aged under 25, it was refreshing to see a witch flick focus on the slightly more mature market. Of course, that’s not to say it’s stale or unappealing to viewers of all ages. However, with the heroine being in her 30s and those around in a similar age bracket, A Discovery of Witches has a certain air of maturity about it. Add to this that Bishop is more powerful than anyone else and it’s a nice break from the hapless damsel in distress dynamic we sometimes see in supernatural shows. Of course, those that have read the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness will know what season two and three have in store.

Following the story outlined in Shadow of Night, the next season will delve deeper in the mysteries of Ashmole 782 and unearth secrets of Matthew’s past. Indeed, as we learn more about the history of Bishop’s love interest, the tale of their divisive relationship takes even more twists and turns. However, just any adaptation seeks to do, Sky One will want to see a unique spin on the story. While the Harkness’s saga spans generations, a TV offering needs to have a modern appeal. Fortunately for writers Dollard and Conklin, there are plenty of examples to draw on. Shine a light on almost any part of the entertainment world and you’ll see supernatural creatures, themes and motifs everywhere.

The Supernatural Outside of Our TV Screens

Naturally, supernatural fantasy novels remain a constant. Thanks to one of the UK’s largest book publishers Pan Macmillan, readers got their first taste of author Jenn Lyons in 2019. The emerging literary star behind the A Chorus of Dragons series, Lyons impressed with her first book: The Ruin of Kings. Moving away from TV and literature, entertainment mediums have long served as a conduit and inspiration for supernatural stories. For instance, online casino platform Betway offers 450+ titles, many of which feature creatures from another realm. Whether it’s custom creations such as Blood Suckers II or branded slots like Game of Thrones, the virtual lobbies are packed with supernatural offerings.

If that’s not enough of an indication that audiences love the supernatural, how about the wealth of mystical mobile apps out there? From guides to all things otherworldly such as SPN Amino from Narvii Inc. to trivia apps and streaming services such as Hulu, the mobile realm is alive with creatures from beyond. Taking all of this into account, the team behind the second season of A Discovery of a Witches needs to ensure they engage viewers on multiple levels. Yes, they need to stay true to the original story. However, fans of the genre now have multiple ways to get their fix. Therefore, Sky One must ensure they’re engaged at all times.

Sky is the Limit with Spin-Offs

For the writers, simply being mindful of scenes and material that could be transported into a different medium is important. For example, if you look at the Game of Thrones slot referenced earlier, the developers have incorporated video clips of poignant scenes into the game. If the writers of A Discovery of Witches can inject the same level of drama and action into the next season, it could inspire similar creations from gaming companies.

Beyond that, Sky has the opportunity to take the product to a wider audience by releasing mobile content and more. Put simply, the fate of a show now extends far beyond the TV screen. Therefore, if Sky One can parlay the success of season one into a selection of spin-offs, it could lead to more bewitching content in the future.