Best Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

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06 May 20

Best Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Have you ever found yourself browsing Amazon and wishing you had the funds to buy everything that’s on your wishlist? During this coronavirus pandemic, there’s nothing more appealing than the prospect of a little retail therapy, but many of us have found ourselves lacking vital funds thanks to furloughing or the cessation of our regular work schedules. With that in mind, it’s never been more important to find alternate sources of income, especially when it comes to filling out your Amazon wishlist.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to earn free Amazon gift cards, and most of them involve a lot less effort than you might think. Many people don’t realise that it’s actually incredibly easy to amass Amazon credit; all it takes is a little ingenuity, some knowledge of the internet, and a tiny amount of luck. Equipped with those things, you can sally forth into your Amazon wishlist and use your newly-accumulated credit to buy whatever you’re after. Here are the best ways to earn free Amazon gift cards.


If you’re after a site that allows you to earn free Amazon gift cards without having to do anything outside your normal routine, then check this out. All you have to do if you use OGPlanet is browse the internet as you normally would. You’ll get paid for viewing certain ads and completing certain tasks, and you won’t have to cough up a penny in return. Not bad, right? Before you know it, you’ll have accrued enough Amazon credit to buy something you’ve always dreamed of having, so get on it!

Amazon MTurk

Using Amazon’s own MTurk service, you can get paid to work from home completing tasks that shouldn’t take you too long. The idea of MTurk is that there are some tasks you simply can’t outsource to computers due to the nature of the task. Instead, you give these tasks to human workers, who will complete them for a nominal fee. The tasks aren’t much to write home about – you won’t be doing anything particularly edifying – but you’d be surprised how quickly MTurk funds can accumulate.


There are plenty of online survey options out there, but for our money (no pun intended), Swagbucks is the best of them. Using Swagbucks, you’ll simply fill out a survey and get some cash back in return. You can use the payout from Swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards, so you’re effectively earning free Amazon stuff by simply filling out surveys. Not bad, eh? This site isn’t as efficient or as easy to use as OGPlanet, but it’s a decent option nonetheless.

Gifts from family and friends

When birthdays and Christmas roll around, it’s often with horror that we think about our loved ones buying us gifts. Often, they simply don’t know what to get for us, and that translates into inappropriate or poorly-chosen gifts. This time, why not ask your loved ones for Amazon gift cards? That way, they know they’ll never buy you anything you don’t want, and you can use the credit on something you actually need. It’s much easier than buying actual presents and carries less risk too.

Loyalty programs

Many retailers offer loyalty programs for buying their products. When you earn enough points, you can exchange these points for anything the shop sells. Often, you’ll be able to find Amazon gift cards among those products, so by shopping with outlets you’d normally use anyway, you can accumulate points and get free Amazon gift cards. Gamerbolt suggests that gamers can make big savings when it comes to purchasing games digitally – Amazon vouchers are one payout option via cashback sites. Make sure that the place you’re shopping actually does offer these cards, though, because you don’t want to waste your time.

Sweepstakes and contests

It’s worth keeping an eye on subreddits like r/giveaways and r/FREE. These subreddits often feature giveaways that include things like Amazon gift cards and other types of reward cards. Of course, you can never be sure that an Amazon gift card is in the offing, which is why it’s a good idea to make sure you check back with these sites periodically. We also run competitions right here such as The Geektown Awards, which have Amazon Gift Cards as prizes. Sometimes, you’ll spot something incredible and not have to pay a penny for it, so it’s worth your time no matter how long you’re spending watching them.

Job Spotter

Job Spotter is an app that allows you to earn rewards simply by snapping photos of job placements out and about. Naturally, the coronavirus pandemic will make using this app a little more difficult, since you’ll always earn better rewards for smaller and more independent ventures. Still, it’s worth taking a look, especially once lockdown restrictions start to be lifted. You can get Job Spotter on Android and there’s an Indeed version on iOS. Since you’ll be seeing those ads anyway, you may as well earn something for your trouble.


Finally, something of a curio. YouSpotProperty offers the chance to earn rewards for spotting derelict or unused properties in certain locations around the UK. By doing so, you’re not only doing your bit for the community but also earning some cash and gift card rewards into the bargain. If the site’s criteria is met, you’ll earn a £20 gift voucher as well as 1% of the property’s value once they’ve brought it back into use. YouSpotProperty will also donate £500 to a local charity.