Three Reasons Online Gaming Is So Popular

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19 Oct 20
Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash

Three Reasons Online Gaming Is So Popular – Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash

The online gaming sector is thriving. In fact, some estimates now suggest its revenue is greater than that of the music and movie industries combined! But when offline gaming has dominated the field for so long, why are people now turning to online alternatives?

There are several reasons why the popularity of online gaming has skyrocketed (and shows no sign of slowing down). Want to know more? In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 3 reasons behind the growth of online gaming. Whether you’re an offline fan or an online convert, read on to discover the key selling points for a sector that’s rapidly becoming the entertainment industry’s main money-maker.

1. Online Gaming Cashes in on Sports Betting

The crossover between online gaming and sports betting is one of the biggest reasons behind the commercial success of the sector. Once limited to traditional sports such as horse racing, cricket, boxing, and football, sports betting has now embraced the world of online games.

Today, eSports betting – the act of wagering on the outcome of video games – has become big business, with some industry experts suggesting it could even outstrip the popularity of online poker!

As the inaugural Fortnite World Cup has shown us, online gaming is no longer a solo endeavour. With championships becoming more and more common, we can expect to see the spheres of online gaming and sports betting continue to merge.

2. We Can Play Games Such As Live Roulette Online

Developments in online gaming have given us the opportunity to play casino games in real-time. From LiveRoulette to online blackjack, live streaming technology means we can take part in casino classics from the comfort of our homes.

Previously, a night out at a casino probably meant travelling, booking a hotel, dressing up, buying drinks at the bar – the list goes on! Playing live offerings is a great way to capture the casino experience without having to spend a lot of money.

While visiting land-based casinos can make for a fantastic trip, online gaming has made the fun far more accessible. Fancy a game of roulette you can start and finish before bed? It’s possible, thanks to online gaming.

3. Online Gaming Is Easy on Mobiles

Not that long ago, playing games on your mobile was a pretty low-tech affair. From Tetris to Snake, the quality of games took a while to catch up with the capabilities of smartphones – but today, mobile gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

When playing games offline, the types of devices you can play on are limited. For example, games that are designed for PC or PlayStation are compatible with that device alone. However, online games developers are now under pressure to create games which provide the same great experience on mobiles of all makes, shapes, and sizes.

Although optimising games for mobile is notoriously tricky (due in part to the fact that different mobiles have different screens), developers are now creating games which are compatible with a huge range of devices. This means that mobile games can also often be played on desktops and tablets. As Google releases its new cloud gaming service Stadia, which enables users to stream the same games across multiple devices, it’s clear that the demand for gaming on the go will continue to drive the industry.