Martin Gooch

Geektown Podcast 32: Independent Film Maker Martin Gooch

Martin Gooch
This week we have an extended podcast as we interview independent film maker & director Martin Gooch.
Martin first came to our attention with his wonderfully […]

David Wayman

Geektown Podcast 31: Actor David Wayman

David Wayman
This week we’ve been chatting to actor David Wayman, who stars as Theo in the upcoming movie ‘Wandering Rose‘. In the movie, Rose (Carina […]

Brad Moore

Geektown Podcast 30: Actor Brad Moore

Brad Moore
This week we’ve been chatting to actor Brad Moore about his new film MONTANA, where he play cynical detective Steven Phelps in this Mo Ali directed new […]

Kiri Bloore

Geektown Podcast 29: Broadcaster & Journalist Kiri Bloore

Kiri Bloore
In this week’s podcast, we got to sit down for a chat with the lovely Kiri Bloore.
Kiri is a Broadcaster & Journalist who has travelled the […]

Geektown Podcast 28: Actress Carina Birrell – Film Wandering Rose

Carina Birrell
This week, we’re talking to Scottish actress Carina Birrell about her new film ‘Wandering Rose’.
Carina stars in the new Psychological thriller Wandering Rose, taking the title […]

Geektown Podcast 27: Game Developer Daniel Linssen – The Sun And Moon

This week I had a chat with indie game developer Daniel Linssen about his upcoming Steam release ‘The Sun And Moon‘.
Australia based Daniel won ‘Ludum Dare […]

Geektown Podcast 26: Mike Diskett – Satellite Reign

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking to veteran games developer Mike Diskett. Mike used to work at Peter Molyneux’s Bullfrog where he helped develop the classic PC […]

Geektown Podcast 25: A Brief History of Time Travel

This week, we spoke to Wanda Bertram, the producer of a newly funded Kickstarter documentary called A Brief History of Time Travel: A Mindbending Documentary!
Over […]

Geektown Podcast 24: Play Expo 2014 Indie Game Special

Play Expo 2014
Over the weekend I headed up to Manchester to take a look at PlayExpo 2014 at Event City. There was a lot of […]

Geektown Podcast 23: Marion Ross (Mrs C on Happy Days) and director Dominique Schilling

A Reason
In this week’s podcast we got the chance to have a chat with director Dominique Schilling and actress Marion Ross about their new movie A REASON.
Dominique […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Geektown Podcast 22: Reaper Director Phillip Shih

Philip Shih – Director
In this week’s podcast we got to talk to Director Philip Shih about his new slasher flick REAPER, starring Danny Trejo (Machete Kills, TV’s […]

Geektown Podcast 21: Actor Harry Treadaway (Honeymoon / Penny Dreadful)

Harry Treadaway
This week we had the chance to have a chat with the actor Harry Treadaway about his new movie Honeymoon, and his role as […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Geektown Podcast 20: Peaky Blinders – Series 2 Special!

This week we got the fantastic opportunity to attend the red carpet premiere in Birmingham for the launch of BBC’s brilliant Peaky Blinkers Series 2!
The […]

Jeff Russo

Geektown Podcast 19: Interview with Composer Jeff Russo

Jeff Russo
This week I had a nice chat with Emmy-nominated Composer and two-time Grammy-nominated musician Jeff Russo.
Jeff is currently composing music for the 2nd season […]

Tom Benedict Knight

Geektown Podcast 18: Interview with Actor Tom Benedict Knight

Tom Benedict Knight
This week’s podcast was an interview with the actor Tom Benedict Knight, who, if you saw the first half of the excellent Houdini […]