Geektown Awards: Winner – Most Anticipated Returning & New TV Shows of 2014

For our final 2 categories we head back to the small screen to see what tv shows you’re most looking forward to returning, and what […]

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Three Reasons Why the Mobile Device is Perfect for Casino Games

iPhone Gambling
The iPhone sold over a million handsets just 74 days after it was launched back in 2007, and the iPhone 3G then smashed that […]

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A look At some of the most outrageous phone technology in films!

Sony Xperia T
It’s something that, as a nation of movie lovers, we’ve grown pretty used to by now; in fact, I bet you rarely even […]

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Tyler Shields – The Science of Colour (The Dray Walk Gallery, London E1 6QL)

The Science of Colour
The Science of Colour is a new exhibition from Tyler Shields, a show entirely done through digital means. Around the darkened room, […]

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5 Decor & Homeliving Accessories for a Geeky Haven

For your most geeked-out moments, you love to be at home in all of your geek glory. Outfit your man (or woman) cave with the […]

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5 Vehicles We Can All Geek Out On

Gull-wing doors, rocket launchers and built-in invisibility features; why is it you have to live in a video game world or work in Hollywood to […]

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BBC Wants YOU – To Go To Thailand!

Thailand Style
Bit of a service announcement from the BBC for all you young people out there. 😉
Are you going to Thailand this summer?
Or have you always […]

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Review – FlexiShield Wave Case for The Google Nexus 7

FlexiShield Wave Case
We were sent the FlexiShield Wave Case for the Nexus 7 by mobilefun.com a while a go, as we’d just got a Nexus in […]

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Information about gaming on the iPad

Gaming on the iPad
Mobile devices would appear to represent the future of online gaming, as can be seen from the way in which the likes […]

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3 Real World Technologies that have Surpassed Science Fiction

Science Fiction has traditionally done a pretty good job of making us feel sad about not living in the future. We get a taste of […]

Rick Grimes / Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead – How similar are the characters to the actors that play them?

The Walking Dead is arguably one of the most popular dramas on TV at the moment. The horror/drama series tells the story of deputy sheriff […]

Top tips when upgrading your technology

Upgrade Your Tech
For many consumers life has become like a race to keep up with the newest and the greatest of what technology has to […]


Be Part of the Mobile Gaming Boom

Once upon a time, gaming meant visiting a bricks and mortar casino. The advent of the internet revolutionised the gaming world and meant that you […]

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The Importance of a Positive Reputation

If there is anywhere where reputation may be vital, it would be among the establishments, companies and corporations who perform business functions that serve a […]

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Review: Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload on DVD

Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload
You can tell it’s heading towards Christmas, as the new batch of stand-up comedy DVD’s start to hit the shelves. The latest […]