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3 Real World Technologies that have Surpassed Science Fiction

Science Fiction has traditionally done a pretty good job of making us feel sad about not living in the future. We get a taste of […]

Rick Grimes / Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead – How similar are the characters to the actors that play them?

The Walking Dead is arguably one of the most popular dramas on TV at the moment. The horror/drama series tells the story of deputy sheriff […]

Top tips when upgrading your technology

Upgrade Your Tech
For many consumers life has become like a race to keep up with the newest and the greatest of what technology has to […]


Be Part of the Mobile Gaming Boom

Once upon a time, gaming meant visiting a bricks and mortar casino. The advent of the internet revolutionised the gaming world and meant that you […]

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The Importance of a Positive Reputation

If there is anywhere where reputation may be vital, it would be among the establishments, companies and corporations who perform business functions that serve a […]

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Review: Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload on DVD

Ross Noble: Nonsensory Overload
You can tell it’s heading towards Christmas, as the new batch of stand-up comedy DVD’s start to hit the shelves. The latest […]

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Thoughts on the Star Wars: Episode 7 Plot

Star Wars: Episode 7
So, as you’ve probably heard if you’ve been near a tv, radio or the internet in the last 24hrs, Disney has bought […]

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Disney Buys LucasFilm for $4 Billion!

Disney Buys LucasFilm
Well this is some news that seemed to have popped up out of no where. The Walt Disney company have forked out a […]

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Whedon on Romney

I usually try and stay out of posting political stuff, particularly as a Britisher, and this is about the US election…
But it’s Joss…
And it’s brilliant… […]

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Wing Commander’s Chris Roberts Smashes Kickstarter Goal!

PITCH VIDEO FINAL 1080.mov from Roberts Space Industries on Vimeo.
For those of you out there that have been bemoaning the lack of decent epic PC […]

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Skills to Look for When Hiring an IT Professional

Hiring an IT Professional
Hiring employees is one of the most important things a business owner will ever do. Even if you are just a hiring […]

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Dallas: A review of its 21st Century return!

Dallas 2012
Ok, I will admit it. When first I heard that Dallas was coming back / being remade or however it is described, my first […]

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BBC’s Hunted Trailer

You may have already seen it on the Beeb or the internet, but here is the trailer for new drama Hunted from the makers of […]

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The Bletchley Circle

Nowadays, Bletchley is a suburb of roundabout-heaven Milton Keynes, but during the War, it was the headquarters of Enigma and the codebreakers. Some very clever […]

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How To Get The Most Back For Your iPhone 4!

Get money back on your old iPhone
Apple are on the verge of releasing another iPhone, set out to be the iPhone 5 according to all […]