Wallpics Photo Tiles and Your Walls Will Love Each Other

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15 Oct 18
How to Make Your Friend Happy with Wallpics Photo Tiles Gift Card?

How to Make Your Friend Happy with Wallpics Photo Tiles Gift Card

Wallpics is not just a wall décor that makes your walls look pretty but also gives your walls a friend that takes care of it. Unlike other walls decorative items, it is something which leaves no mark on the walls and also conceals any types of blots on the walls. This makes these customized photo tiles one of the best friends of the walls of your home. However, before making the final decision it would be good if you take a glance at the unique features of Wallpics and how it is different from photo frames.

What is Wallpics?

Wallpics is customized photo tiles that are used to embellish your home and make it look beautiful. These photos are designed with respect to your needs and requirements so that when it is put on the walls of your abode it looks perfect. Visit Wallpics website to see some fascinating interiors decorated with Wallpics photo tiles! http://www.wallpics.com/

How Wallpics is different from photo frames?

A photo frame is hanged on a wall with the support of a nail or a screw and then the photo is placed inside the frame. However, Wallpics is free from all these tedious work. Technically, Wallpics is not a frame but the photos itself that are processed in such a way that it can stick on the walls directly without any external help. You do not have to take any extra effort when you are using these bespoke photos.

Features of Wallpics

There are many features of Wallpics that makes it unique. Here, some of the major qualities of it have been discussed:

It enhances the beauty of your home

The beauty of your home gets improved when you use Wallpics. Perhaps that is why many celebrities have turned to it. For instance, Jamie Nicole Otis, the American actress & TV host, has also appreciated Wallpics just like Nicole Williams, the American actress, and model. When you choose Wallpics you are in the same league and your home turn attractive to your guests or any other visitors. You can find some great examples of using Wallpics on our Facebook and Instagram.

It is a friend of the walls of your home

Whenever you are planning to purchase a wall décor, it is necessary to ensure that it is wall-friendly. Interestingly, Wallpics is one such decorative item that takes care of your walls and hides all its shortcomings when placed on it. It neither leaves any mark on the walls nor does it peel off wall paint when taken off. Furthermore, as already mentioned above, these photos need no support of a nail or a screw, so you are free from drilling a hole in the wall. This way your walls do not have to get the renovations and you also get a chance to conceal all the unwanted and ugly marks on it.

Voleyball player  Visit here shows her new beautiful Wallpic. Visit Sydel’s social profiles: Instagram, Facebook.

TV star Visit here and her beautiful Wallpics gallery. Find Nicole on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

Famous writer Visit here also ordered some pictures. Visit Teresa’s social profiles:Instagram, Facebook.

Actress Visit here and her adorable photo-wall. Find Corinne on social media:Instagram, Facebook.

It can be reused

The Wallpics is such a wall décor which doesn’t get poor in condition after one use. This way you get a chance to use it for a multiple time. You can move it around easily as the special double-sided adhesives on the photos are such that when you remove the photo, it doesn’t leave any mark on the walls. It also never falls from the wall even when reused, so all these things make Wallpics one of the best option for you.

It is cheaper than you think

There are many of you who after reading that some celebrities have also embraced this product become quite skeptical about this wall décor being very expensive. However, this is not true for Wallpics, as it is not very costly. In fact, it is a cost-effective product in a real sense. For a set of three Wallpics, you need to pay $35 only and in case you want to go for additional photos then you must pay $9 for each photo. This is not really costly if compared with the qualities of the Wallpics as it can be reused repeatedly and it also keeps you free from wall renovation.

It is easy to place the order

The simple way of placing the order makes Wallpics so alluring for people who have a busy life and do not have time to spare hours on selecting wall decors online. You just need to download the mobile wallpicsapp on Apple iTunes and Google Play Store and then upload the selected photos on the app. Once you have uploaded the photo then you can place the order and make the payment. You must remember that you need to do the selection of the photos before uploading it on the app and make the payment after that. Wallpics also offer you different payment mode options so that you do not face any problem. Further, the mobile app by Wallpics is available for both Android phone users and iPhone users. This means you can download the app from Google Play as well as Apple store.


Whether you are planning to decorate your new home or you want to decorate your old home in such a way that it conceals all the unwanted blots and marks on the old walls of your home, you can opt for Wallpics. This is a wall décor that takes care of the walls of your rooms in a friendly way and makes sure you do not have to spend a huge amount of money on the renovation of the walls. You can place the order of the Wallpics in the easiest way possible and when you receive the package you can place the Wallpics immediately on the walls without any further delay.

Still looking for inspiration? Here is how celebrities use Wallpics:

Here is an amazing photo-wall from actress Visit here. Find Shannon on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

Watch how Visit here hangs her new beautiful Wallpic. You can also visit Elena’s profiles onInstagram and Facebook.

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Reality TV star Visit here shows his amazing photo-wall. Visit Jordan’s profiles on Instagram, Facebook.

Model  Visit here  and her fascinating Wallpics gallery. Visit social Jade’s profiles Instagram, Facebook.

Beauty queen Visit here joined Wallpics community. Find Katherine on social media: Instagram, Facebook.

Usually, it takes 5 to 6 working days in the delivery of the package but it can vary depending on the address. Strikingly, you do not have to pay for the shipping cost if you are residing in the US. You just have to ensure that you order at least a set of three photos to get processed as Wallpics on the wallpicsapp. You are free to add more photos for which you have to pay additionally. So, stop thinking and place the order now.