Does Horde PWN Alliance in PvP?

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21 Dec 06


Nick Yee over at The Daedalus Project has an interesting article looking at reasons Alliance generally seem to lose at Battlegounds (i thought it was just my server, but it appears to be more of a universal truth).

The survey was actually taken pre-2.0.1 (i.e. the huge battleground/honour changes), so I’d be interested to see to see a follow up survey to track any change in results post 2.0.1. Personally, I have noticed a decent ‘step up’ in Alliance battleground play since the patch went in… not that they are actually winning yet, but they are trying harder, and working together more. (Bless ’em.) 😉

I’m not sure if that’s coincidence; or due to the changes to the way the honour is generated; or it could just be the focus the patch bought to BGs that has maybe got Alliance playing them more.

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