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Highlord Kruul in Ironforge Smackdown!

by Dave Elliott

If you were on the US Dunemaul server a couple of days ago, and thought you’d just pop to Ironforge to do a bit off shopping (or kill some Allies hehe), you’d have stumbled across… or been flayed alive by… this grumpy fellow…

Highlord Kruul… He’s through the Dark Portal, and he ain’t a happy bunny!

“Azeroth is under attack! Horrific creatures are swarming from a suddenly active Dark Portal and have rampaged into the Blasted Lands. Defenders from Nethergarde Keep have scrambled to meet the enemy head-on. However, even with the assistance of reinforcements from the ever-vigilant Argent Dawn, the forces of Azeroth need your help!

Not much is known of the invasion at this early stage, but early reports from the battlefront describe wave after wave of demonic attackers charging from the Dark Portal. It is also reported that Lord Kazzak was seen departing through the Dark Portal. In his stead he has left his minion, Highlord Kruul, to sow fear and confusion among the defenders.”

All part of the pre Burning Crusade build up… Roll on Tuesday! :D

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