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Lord Of The Rings Online! Beta Review

by Daryl


Well, the NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) has been lifted on this MMORPG, and now I can reveal I am amongst the Beta testers.

This game, although unfinished is sensational! If you are a fan of the Tolkien world (and who isn’t!) then you will quickly become engrossed in this game.

Each playable race, be it Human, Elf, Dwarf or Hobbit starts the game in a unique stunning instance story-line, unlike most MMORPGs out there.

Without ruining the game for anyone, the story spans over many years, though it follows the books. Within playing only a few minutes I’d met Gimli, Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield and more!

So, whats wrong with this game I hear you asking, there must be something, right? Well, I have only one fault with it at the moment, even though its soundtrack is good, I tend to lower it and blast out the Howard Shore OST from the film trilogy… but that is my personal taste.

The game focuses on one area of the lands of Middle Earth (Eriador), with the last section available without the future expansions being the mines of Moria.

The graphics are stunning, a lovely blend of Everquest II and WoW, really outstanding visuals. Alot of love and care has been placed into producing this game, and so it should be, its a world adored by countless millions.

This game is highly addictive, and I would suspect a very very strong contender to become the favourite MMORPG in the future. One particulary funny emote in the game is the option to /smoke, to draw your pipe and smoke a nice batch of your pipe weed, a hilarious past-time.

Below are several screen shots of the game, its expected release is the end of March 2007, with a standard edition and a collector’s edition being released.

Keep your elven eyes peeled, this one will be Precioussssss…..

The official site for the game is http://www.lotro-europe.com/ follow its progress there!




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