A Serenity Sequel!? That’d Be Real Shiny!

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04 Oct 07

Serenity 2?

The guys over a Moviehole were recently chatting to Alan “Wash” Tudyk, when he happen to mention there had been some talk of making a sequel to the excellent Serenity (the movie spin off from Joss Whedon’s awesome Firefly tv show). Apparently the DVD has been selling so well that it’s sparked Universal’s interest in making a new film. Tudyk says “Everybody in the Firefly crew – and that includes the ones who died in the movie – are excited about the prospect of doing another”.

I’d absolutely love to see this happen. Even as a direct-to-DVD movie (like the new SG:1 movies), it’d still be worth it. Anyway, just in case this does come through, i thought i’d give Joss a hand by suggesting some titles for Serenity 2. 😉

1) The Alliance Strikes Back.

2) Serenity Begins.

3) The Serenity Supremacy.

4) Jayne Cobb and the Hat of Doom.

5) Jayne Cobb and the Last Grenade.

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