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New Eye of Judgment Trailer

by Dave Elliott

D bought The Eye of Judgment recently for the PS3, and say’s it’s really cool. It’s a turn based card game mixed in with a video game. It use’s the PlayStation Eye to read coded collectable cards that are placed on the ‘9 Fields’ battle mat. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. :)


D here, the Eye of Judgement is fantastic, but has one simple flaw… The game mat you get with it is cloth and sometimes creases or moves easily… this makes the EOJ lose sight of what cards are being played and go mental for a few seconds. Myself and my brother have been found screaming at it late at night trying to make the thing see the cards faster hehe. Still, its a great addition to the growing accessories of the PS3, and is a whole lot of fun to play, which is what counts.

More info here

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