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I Met Chris Barrie!

by Dave Elliott

We had a corporate event at work today, and none other than Red Dwarf star Chris Barrie had been asked to speak… As you can probably tell by the way i’m in jeans and a tshirt (everyone was in suits), i wasn’t really expecting to blag my way into the event. However, my lovely boss was kind enough to let me crash the party and hear him do the after dinner talk (plus a bunch of impressions), the q&a, and get a photo… I had to bring Mr. Flibble along of course!

Chris was very funny, with stories about life on Red Dwarf, The Brittas Empire, and working with Angelina Jolie on Tomb Raider. Had a chat with him afterwards, and he is a thoroughly nice guy (with a slightly dubious choice in ties!). :)

Chris Barrie

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