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How Long Does Bill Murray Spend in Groundhog Day?

by Dave Elliott
Groundhog Day - How long?!?

Groundhog Day – How long?!?

Here’s a question i’m sure you’ve been asking yourself:

How long does Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, spend living the same day over and over (and over and over etc…) in the the movie Groundhog Day?

Well, in the irregular series of posts we like to call ‘people with wayyyy too much time on their hands’, the folk ‘Wolf Gnards’ (subtitle ‘we nerd pop culture’… Yep, they really really do…) have figured out an answer!

The number? There are 36 separate days shown in the movie, but that’s really only the start… You have the various ways he tries killing himself, time to learn the piano, time to learn french, etc… I’ll let the people at Wolf Gnards give you the final result…

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