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More Info on Azeroth Changes from Blizzcon 2009

by Dave Elliott

Now that Blizzcon 2009 is over, some videos from the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm panel have started to pop up on youtube. There’s a whole bunch of them, but the 2 i’ve posted below show a bunch of shots and explanation of how Cataclysm will change current zones. Things such as phasing terrain, so it changes over time. Alterations to areas such as the Barrens, which is sundered in 2, and actually rather more lush and green in areas.

I’m really looking forward to playing through this expansion. It’s seems to me that it’s going to create a whole new Azeroth to play through. For people like me that love the WoW world, but just can’t face levelling another toon through all the same ol’ content, this could effectively be a brand new WoW. It might not be a WoW 2, but it is looking more and more like WoW 1.5, and that can only be awesome.

Class, New Features & Classic Zone Changes

More Classic Zone Changes & New Zones

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