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Joss Whedon All Over Marvel Movie Franchise

by Dave Elliott

The Avengers

Haven’t had too much time to post recently, but a few interesting stories emerged last week which I thought deserved GeekTown’s attention. First up, lots of rumours that Joss Whedon is about to take over the writing/directing reins of The Avengers movie, as well as polishing the ‘Captain America‘ script.

This is a really smart move on Marvel’s part if it turns out to be true. Joss has proved he knows his Marvel characters with his superb run on the X-Men comics, along with his re-writes on the original X-Men movie. Given Captain America is being penned by the scribes behind the The Chronicles of Narnia movies, and Zak Penn (who’s previous efforts for Marvel were Elektra, Fantastic Four, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Incredible Hulk…) is currently writing The Avengers, i rather suspect both scripts will be in dire need of some serious work.

Just makes me wish even more Nathan Fillion had been cast as Steve Rogers instead of Chris Evans.

Also thought i’d mention, for you tweeters wanting to keep up with the various actors and writers who’ve worked with Joss in the past, i’ve set up a Whedon Alumi‘ list on Twitter, which you can see here. And of course, we still have our Joss Whedon related t-shirts over at the GeekTown Store.

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