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Review: Ricky Gervais ‘Science’ DVD

by Dave Elliott
Ricky Gervais Live IV - Science

Ricky Gervais Live IV - Science

Ricky Gervais is back with his 4th stand up DVD. After Animals, Politics and Fame, we now have Science. Why it’s called Science i’m not entirely sure, as there’s only one singular reference to the subject in the entire show (it comes at around the 30min mark). My guess would be there was a plan to do the show on science at the start, so he had his rather fine sciencey sets built, but his mind wandered off on a tangent – much like he does in stand up – and the show ended up being about something totally different.

So if it’s not about science, what is it about. Well… initially, fat people and why he isn’t cruel to them. Then some musings over what is an ‘Act of God’. A brilliant segment where he takes you step by step through one of his childhood storybooks. Plus some heroin, autograph hunters and Susan Boyle thrown in for good measure. As usual, his stand up does take some very twisted and dark turns in places, but he still manages to keep you laughing throughout.

Although Science isn’t as strong as his earlier shows, I still found it extremely funny. Though, I would like to see the show based on Science that I suspect was the original idea, rather than the more generic (albeit very funny) Ricky Gervais stand up Science turned into.

DVD Extras

There are only 3 extras on the DVD, but well worth watching. First ‘Meet Karl Pilkington 2’ – which is Ricky throwing questions at Karl, which, much like on the podcasts, he then answers in his own… unique way. Also ‘Ricky in New York’ which is clips from a Letterman appearance mixed in with some self shot handycam footage of his time guesting on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

By far the most genius extra though is ‘When Karl met Warwick’, which involves Karl meeting the star of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and actor of diminutive stature – Warwick Davis. Under the guidance of Ricky, Karl is then coerced into interviewing Warwick… This extra is alone is worth buying the DVD for.

Ricky Gervais: Science is out on DVD – 22nd November 2010.

8/10 – Worth it for ‘When Karl met Warwick’

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