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Leave your old PC in 2011. Time for an upgrade without breaking the bank!

by Dave Elliott
Time to upgrade your PC

Time to upgrade your PC?

So new year, new start. You have made a list of things you will change in 2011 and you are positive about this promising year. Yet, the one thing that is holding you back, is the one thing that should be your trusted tool, your PC!

While your computer may have been your best friend for many years, technology can move so fast, you are bound to need an upgrade eventually. If you have been getting by using old versions of applications for email, word processing, web browsing and spreadsheets, eventually you will run into problems, so make this the year you upgrade.

Upgrading your PC can be extremely expensive, so below are 3 ways to leave your old PC without breaking the bank.

Part exchange your PC

Many tech companies now run a part exchange programme as part of a conscious effort to recycle computer parts and reduce e-waste. For example, HP work with PC Part Exchange to run this service. You can choose any HP products that are part of the trade-in offer and exchange your old computer for cash regardless of the original manufacturer.

For your old computer to qualify for HP’s minimum part exchange value it must be operational and include the following:

  • Desktops: Base Unit, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Kettle Leads & Restore CDs.
  • Laptops: Working Battery, Power Supply with Mains Leads & Restore CDs.

It may be worth also looking around to get quotes from other companies offering this service to make sure you get the best value.

Upgrade the software

If you want to use the latest version of your computer’s operating system, this can be less expensive than purchasing a new computer, depending on how much you might spend on installation. It might not be compatible with the processor your computer currently has, so you will need to swap it out with a new central processing unit but again, if you shop around, this does not need to cost the earth.

To turbocharge you PC upgrade the RAM and you should see improved performance. When your computer has a small hard drive, you may find yourself running out of storage space for files. Instead of deleting files, you can install a second internal hard drive if your computer can accommodate it, or add an external hard drive.

Buy a new PC but use it to find fantastic deals and reap back the costs

If neither of the above options work for your situation and you truly want to buy a new PC, then perhaps you can ‘offset’ your purchase by using your new computer to take advantage of some of the amazing deals on Groupon.

There are a wide range of deals on this site, from gourmet restaurants, to adventure days out, to relaxing spa days and beauty treatments. The range of vouchers assuredly is endless. You can save up to 90% with Groupon deals in London and around the rest of the country. Bookmark the site on your new PC now!

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