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Top tips when upgrading your technology

by Dave Elliott

Upgrade Your Tech

For many consumers life has become like a race to keep up with the newest and the greatest of what technology has to offer. We may not be traveling to our offices by personal flying pod yet but we are well and truly immersed in our constantly evolving ‘digital age’. Here are some tips to stay ahead of the game!

  • Sparkling new technology takes the spotlight and may leave your old technology sitting in a cupboard or a drawer collecting dirt. Help to ease the financial burden of your upgrade and sell stuff online for free. 
  • Upgrade your phone, increase your text and inclusive minutes and reduce your line rental by simply haggling with your mobile phone provider. When you are at the end of your contract just tell your provider that you want a better package. Most of the time this will work. If it doesn’t, switching to a new network can be beneficial. They want your business and will offer new customers great packages to join. 
  • Upgrade your computer storage. A newer, larger hard drive could significantly increase your laptop’s capacity. This can be an inexpensive upgrade that should bring your PC up to date. It will increase speed and give you the ability to access some of the new games available. Increasing your RAM can have a major impact on the way you view your system. More memory also reduces the potential of your PC freezing up. To take a different approach, replacing your hard drive with an SSD will speed up your computer and likely increase battery life, although it will almost certainly decrease capacity. 
  • Aching arms, eyes and fingers from hours at a laptop or desk? Try an ergonomic upgrade. A full-size keyboard, monitor and mouse could be good for you. This essentially turns your laptop into a desktop but you can easily disconnect the additional devices and use it as a laptop when you want to be mobile again.
  • Upgrading your PC is cost-effective, but only if your system is older than 3 or 4 years. Computer technology has come a long way in the past few years and if your machine is older than this you’ll be unable to upgrade enough to make much difference. 
  • Purchasing a new monitor can be an effective way to upgrade. It is also likely that if you do decide to purchase a new PC it will still be useable.
  • Are you a graphics buff? If so, a new graphics card could be an upgrade option. Images will be more defined and crisp. A graphics card will increase the speed of deliverance as well as improve resolution. If you acquire one, you’ll to get the full experience of the photos from your camera. They are also extremely beneficial if you’re a gamer.

When choosing your upgrades research them thoroughly. Don’t fall for the most expensive options because they may not be compatible with your computer. Sell stuff online for free and you could help fund your purchases. Remember, you will be replacing the computer you have eventually, so stick with the easy, useful upgrades. They will tide you over until you are ready to purchase a new PC.

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