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Poll: Who do you want as the next Doctor (round 2)?

by Dave Elliott

I don’t know… one week we’re running a completely speculatory about ‘who you’d like to see as the next doctor‘ and the next thing we know Matt Smith is throwing in the bow tie! So, I thought I’d put together a ’round 2’… with another list of possible candidates. I’m pretty sure the 12th Doctor will end up being none of these – because it never is any of the names that are banded about! However, here are our choices, and you can vote at the bottom.

You may also notice, there are no women in the list. That’s because i think it’s extremely unlikely to happen. The tabloids always float the idea, but ultimately it never ever happens.

Rory Kinnear

Rory Kinnear (35)

He’s the son of the brilliant Roy Kinnear, and you may have seen him on screen in Black Mirror, Mark Gatiss’s The First Men in the Moon, or in Skyfall.

Bookies have him as the front runner, and it’s fair to say, he’s known, but not ‘well know’, so he would be low enough profile to be in with a shot. He’s also worked with Moffat’s Sherlock writing partner, so has some connection to Moffat. But he’s the bookies favourite and Tabloids claiming it’s him… so it’s almost certainly not. Shame really as I think he could be good.

Ben Whishaw Ben Whishaw (32)

Chances are, you’ll have seen Ben either in BBC’s The Hour, BBC Two’s Richard II, or as Q in Skyfall.

I think Ben’s possibly a bit too well know at this point. He’s been around various BBC drama’s but I think he’s in a position where he’s already getting recognition, so would be a potential early flight risk, unless they could nail him into a multiple season contract.

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe (23)

You will know him from being Harry Potter

I’ve seen this name floated about, but i’d be astonished if it turned out to be him. 1 – He has a film career. 2 – It’s another major franchise. 3 – He’s too young. That’s not to say he wouldn’t be interesting, but there is no way it’ll happen. Same goes for Rupert Grint before anyone mentions him. Way too young.

Stephen ManganStephen Mangan (40)

You’ll know him from BBC/Showtime’s Episodes, Channel 4’s Green Wing, and BBC’s Dirk Gently.

Again, I think he’s possibly too well know, and might be a bit too much of a comic background for the Doctor, but personally I think could work really well in the role.

Richard Ayoade (35)

Richard Ayoade

You’ll know him as Maurice Moss in Channel 4’s The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.

His name came up last time, and I do think Richard would be an interesting choice. He’s kinda off the wall, and quirky, but possibly a bit too much of a comic for the role. Plus I can’t see him wanting to commit to a tv series like Who, which would eat up all his time, and not allow for any writing/directing.

Colin Morgan (27)

Colin Morgan

Best know as Merlin in the BBC1 show Merlin!

Came 2nd in our recent poll of possible Doctors, and in a few years, could actually make a decent enough Doctor, but personally I think he’s a bit young for the role right now. Plus I’m not sure about the idea of the star from one major Saturday night family show, leaping into becoming the lead on the other.

Damien Molony (29)

Damien Molony

Best know as Hal in the last couple of seasons of Being Human.

Winner of our recent pol of possible Doctors, and I have to say, he wouldn’t be the worse choice. He’s not hugely well know at the moment, so would fit that criteria. I’d say he’s a little young, but having played a 500 year old vampire, I think it’s fair to say he can play older and other-worldly.


So, who do you want to play the next Doctor? Vote below!


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