Brilliant (fake) Doctor Who 50th 3D Anniversary trailer & how he made it!

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02 Jul 13

Our resident Doctor Who expert (David Crichton) pointed this fake trailer out to me, as it’s doing the rounds on some Who sites, with some exciting Whovians thinking they’ve found a genuine leaked trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Sadly they hadn’t, however, ‘John Smith’ who created the fake trailer has done such an outstanding job with it, you can see why people where fooled.

I’ve included the trailer below, but also the even more interesting VFX breakdown of how he made it. I’m not sure if this guy is currently a professional, or has just managed to create a truly stunning piece for his showreel. Either way, I doff my hat to you sir. An excellent job!

Brilliant (fake) Doctor Who 50th 3D Anniversary trailer

And the equally brilliant VFX breakdown