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5 Decor & Homeliving Accessories for a Geeky Haven

by Guest Writer

For your most geeked-out moments, you love to be at home in all of your geek glory. Outfit your man (or woman) cave with the following geeky home accessories:

Marvel Heroes Mask Tumbler Glasses

Your pad is the weekend hotspot for where all your gaming buddies hang out to play  “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” and Deadpool fans meet to discuss the story arc of Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Whether you and your friends are gripping Xbox controllers playing “Vengeance” or flipping through comic books, you play host for geeky gatherings. Quench thirsts and pour Guinness into Marvel Heroes Glasses. Beer in tumblers with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain American and Iron Man faces will never taste so good.

Photo by Sam Howzit via Flickr

Pop Quiz Clock

As a bonafide math genius with an affinity for numbers, you can’t pass up a black chalkboard equation wall clock. Described by ThinkGeek.com, “each hour is marked by a simple math problem,” and since math class was where you shined, telling time will remind you of your glory days. Polynomials, square roots and long division mathematically thrill you. Hang the pop quiz lock above your kitchen table and embrace your geekiness whenever it’s time to munch.

Photo by Brett Jordan via Flickr

Photo by Brett Jordan via Flickr

Batman Bookshelves

Rather than stack your comics and Sci-Fi books into a towering pile in corners of your room, display them on a wall bookshelf. Naturally, a traditional bookshelf won’t do, but a custom-made Batman bookshelf most certainly will. The design is a juxtaposition of a modern iconic bat logo as well as a retro-style bat logo. Adorn your bedroom wall space with bookshelves representative of this legendary caped vigilante. Your books, comics or superhero movie collections have a proper home. Inquire about this batty bookcase by visiting Etsy seller’s Fahmir Sani’s online storefront.

Batman Bookshelf

Fahmi Sani’s Batman Bookshelf

Action Figure Lamps

You love action figures in your bedroom and think there’s nothing wrong with a transformer here or alien there. Others, though, may call you a man-child for your love of action figures at your age. But you are who you are! For a sophisticated Marvel Comics-inspired interior-design theme, illuminate your man cave with white, black or red action-figure lamps from Evil Robot Designs. This collection of Bespoke Lamps include a variety of fixtures that are stylishly designed with real toys and a high-gloss finish. With its dark lampshade and chic design, your action-figure lamp is aesthetically age-appropriate and quite nostalgic.

Photo by JD Hancock via Flickr

The HoodiePillow Case

Geeks can be reclusive, undoubtedly. Whether watching “Game of Thrones” or reading “Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox,” escaping into dark seclusion is a true geek’s idea of a good time. If you’re going to lie in your bed with flat roman shades drawn and your action-figure lamp turned on, tucked away under your HoodiePillow case is the way to go. Made of sweatshirt materials, your HoodiePillow with its drawstrings is exactly where your head belongs for an afternoon snooze or to zone out while listening to The Grammar Club on your phone.

Photo by Kevin Lawver via Flickr

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