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New Features of the Upcoming FIFA 14 Game

by Guest Writer

FIFA 14, due for release in the UK on September 27th 2013, is the much-anticipated next addition in the highly successful football-simulation gaming series. The FIFA franchise has seen a huge boom in popularity in the last five years of so, with every single launch of the title promising to be highly improved on the previous year, and so far this very much seems to be the case.

It’s audience has been expanded even further with the game now becoming a regular mainstay on the iPhone and Android systems, meaning it is easily downloadable to users of the phones or tablets running the operating systems to play almost instantly.

So if you’re thinking of selling some old computer games, to raise a bit of cash for the new FIFA 14, here are some of the new features that users can expect from FIFA 14:

First FIFA game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

While the game will be released in late September on the current consoles, including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation Vita handheld device, it will also be the first football title to be available on the new-generation consoles that will come to market just prior to Christmas – the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. That means that gamers who are planning on purchasing the new consoles and want to ensure that they can still play the new FIFA game will be able to when the new consoles are launched.

Revamped Career Mode

Career mode has become one of the most popular features of FIFA games in the last couple of editions, particularly for those gamers who enjoy the really in-depth analysis of the game. Fans will be pleased then that FIFA 14 has a revamped career mode – the main addition including a enhanced scouting mode which allows you to act as manager to search for new and emerging talent from clubs all over the world. You are able to choose scouts from various countries and tell them which attributes you are looking for in a new player for your club.

Ignite Engine

A new game engine has been built for FIFA 14 which should see a range of improvements being made to the overall experience. General gameplay, graphical, crowd and realism when it comes to player movements should be noticeable from the off, making this by far the closest to the ‘real-life’ sport as you can get on a console. However, this will only be built for the new generation versions of the game – so only PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early adopters will benefit from these changes.

New Licences

FIFA 14 will feature more teams than ever before after a deal was struck with the Montenegro international team to feature for the first time (this will also carry on to FIFA 15). 19 clubs from the Brazilian football CampeonatoBrasileiroSérieA league will also appear in the game to expand the choice of teams for users even further.


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