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Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Review

by Scott Heeks

With memories of seeing Star Wars in 1977 aged 6 there is always a sceptical air around my watching anything new from the Lucas stable. However having seen the episodes, The Phantom Clone and Menace of the Sith twice, once with my children and once on my own, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Episode I: The Phantom Clone is an action-packed adventure where Darth Sidious unveils his plan to create an enhanced Sith clone named ‘Jek-14’ to help him defeat that pesky Republic! That means it’s up to Jedi Master Yoda and his young Padawan students to work together and save the galaxy!

Episode II: Menace of the Sith, centres around Count Dooku using his new and improved ‘Clone-a-Matic’ to create an army of Jek clones, but the original Jek-14 wants no part of the sinister scheme… Now, with the help of some old friends (and two familiar Droids), substitute teacher Anakin Skywalker must lead Yoda’s Padawan class to victory…

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars Lego for years and this take on the adventure works on several levels. The kids love the action and adventure of it all (as do I), however, I could also appreciated the under current of classic film references, with lines such as ‘Heeeere’s Anni!’ when Annakin breaks through the side of an enemy ship. :D

The stories are punchy and engaging with plenty of action and comedy all the way. The animation was really well done, and a lot of the sound effects and music mirrored the original movies. The stand out scene for me was when a young Lando Calrissian (complete with afro) arrived with his father in a pimped disco Millennium Falcon with Saturday Night Fever style illuminated access ramp!

Just the right mix of geeky references and tongue-in-cheek fun to keep the kids and me happy for hours!

Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles is available on DVD now!


9/10 – Great mix of Star Wars fun and humour for the whole family!

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