Review – Child’s Pose

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18 Dec 13

Child's Pose

Cornelia is a lady at the top of her game. Rich, beautiful and well-connected, she spends her days living the high society life with her friends. But behind her well-groomed exterior hides a distraught woman whose estranged son haunts her every waking moment. All she wants is to be reconnected with him, but Barbu has cut her off from his life, a situation that Cornelia blames on her son’s girlfriend, Carmen.

When Barbu is involved in a fatal collision, Cornelia rushes to the rescue, accompanying him to the police station and bribing as many people as she can to ensure that her son stays out of jail. Her attempts to save the day work, up to a point, but will they be enough to repair the bond between them?

A low-budget film about high-budget society, what it lacks in poise it makes up for in intrigue. This winner at the Golden Bear Berlin Film Festival gives a glimpse of how domineering parents and family feuds span cultures, classes and personality types. Worth a watch if you’re into gritty world cinema.

6/10 – An unusual film with poignant messages about control and child-rearing.