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Apps that let you do good at the click of a button

by Dave Elliott

The mobile platform has changed traditional methods of fundraising, encouraging philanthropy in more engaging and convenient ways. Strengthened by the accessibility of smartphones and a global social network, charitable causes can now reap the benefits of an online and connected world.

By engaging with conscious individuals through these apps, non-profit organisations can obtain donations in a way that is not only simple and easy for the user, but can be fun and enjoyable as well.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles allows you to raise funds for your chosen cause while you stay fit. Exercising both your body and your soul, this free app tracks your workout and makes a donation according to how many miles you covered. Simply choose a cause out of nine available, then get active and get fundraising. The app will donate 10 cents per mile cycled or 25 cents per mile ran or walked. In our health-conscious nation, it is the ideal way to encourage fitness while giving back.

Play to Cure: Genes in Space

Over one in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime and with more than 200 different forms of the disease, charities such as Cancer Research UK rely on vital support. While some may run or bake to raise funds, you can make a difference by playing the Genes in Space app. Developed in association with the Rational Group, Google and Amazon, the game aids research into cancer by allowing players to analyse genetic data in the form of a game. Scientists can then use this information to develop life-saving treatments.


It’s easy to forget how big an impact micro donations can have. It’s even easier to indulge in little unnecessary luxuries. Instead challenges us to make a small change in our everyday choices in order to make a big change to those in need. The app will clearly remind you what a difference these changes in routine can make and how just $3 or $5 can improve the lives of those you’re helping. For example, by just giving up your morning latte you could provide a year’s supply of clean water for a child in South Sudan.

Donate a Photo


Around 90% of people have only ever taken a photo using a mobile camera. The connectivity and convenience of smartphones mean they are now the go-to photo-taking device, allowing us to share our snaps with ease. Taking advantage of our shutterbug habits, the Donate a Photo app allows users to share their photos in order to benefit a number of causes. For each image shared through the app, creators Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to your chosen cause, with the guarantee that they will never be used for commercial purposes.

The Budge app

The Budge app

Budge Challenge

The Budge app adds a social aspect to charity donation, letting users set their own challenges for friends or family. The loser is required to pay an agreed upon donation to a worthy cause, with integrated Facebook features allowing you to share your challenges and see what others are doing. The challenges can be as creative or as simple as you like, and can even be used as a motivational tool for staying fit or achieving goals.

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