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Don’t be Scared this Halloween: Be the Boss with giffgaff

by Dave Elliott

Arguably, the only person who doesn’t get scared when creating a Halloween horror video is the director. This is because he is control, and remains acutely aware of every twist, turn and sudden jolt of fear before it happens. If you’re the boss you’re not scared, and this is the central theme of giffgaff’s new video marketing campaign aimed to bringing low cost mobile contracts to the mainstream public. Their latest video is the second instalment of the current campaign, which follows on from last years’ viral sensation ‘Different Takes Guts’ and looks to capitalise on the nations’ fascination with the dark and the disturbed.

Starting out in the depths of the dark and decidedly sinister Trent County Park, Enfield, we see a woman running for her life from a clearly deranged killer. As she falls to her knees, however, her assailant simply runs past her and is followed by five of the most gruesome and evil caricatures from the popular horror genre. Rather than chasing one another, these characters appear to be escaping from an even more sinister foe that lurks within the darkness. Directed by the French music video collective Megaforce and haunted by ghostly singing throughout, it is a roller-coaster of a narrative which reminds us that when we are scared, we’re not the boss.

Rather than ruin the ending, however, check out the video below. So face you fears, be bold and brace yourself for sixty seconds of surprisingly haunting and fast paced action. At the end, you will truly understand the benefit of conquering your fear and being the boss in everything that you do!


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